Cubs Aren’t Broke, Tom… Go Get An Arm

Theo Epstein has made a career out of doing the impossible. He’s a guy who breaks curses, and gets jewelry, so he knows what it takes to build a winner. So why are fans so quick to press the panic button three games into the 2019 season?

The Ricketts had made it clear from the start that the team would not be spending a lot of money in the off season. While it was obvious that the Cubs needed relievers, for some reason they didn’t get anyone. No Zach Britton. No Andrew Miller. No Craig Kimbrell. This team’s bullpen was set, and we were just going to live with it.

Fast-forward to now. The bullpen is 0-2 so far. They blew two games to a bad team. Everyone pitched, and things went about as awful as everyone expected.

Despite what ownership would have you believe, this team has money. This team has a lot of money. They were bought a decade ago for $845 million, and are now worth close to $3 billion, so the cash is there.

Is spending like the Yankees really too much to ask? This club is swimming in cash. The team sells out every game, no matter the record. Hell, there’s even going to be a separate Cubs Network. They aren’t strapped for cash. Let me make this absolutely clear: the Cubs have a ton of money. So, why aren’t they spending any of it on a guy who might help them not blow leads?

“Oh, but the Cubs already have the second highest payroll”… Cool. Awesome. They still have a ton of money… I want Yankee levels of spending. I want to be the team that gives guys ridiculous contracts. We’ve sucked for so long, we the fans deserve a decade of dominance.

So why aren’t the Cubs going after an arm? I’d like to say they simply have faith in this bullpen, but that’s bullshit… No, unfortunately I think something much worse is going on… I think ownership is satisfied. They’ve got the ring. They’ve got the support. Now all they have to do is put a group of guys out there, and collect checks.

It sucks to even allow this thought into my mind, but that’s kind of what it looks like. Nobody of any significance was added to the roster this off season. Maddon doesn’t have an extension in place (ya, let’s run the best manager we’ve ever had out of town). All signs point to ownership just not really giving a shit.

I’d love to be wrong. Being wrong is something I excel at. Sadly, it doesn’t seem likely that the Cubs are willing go grab an arm. Hopefully this has been just a bad first week, and the ‘pen bounces back. If not… good god, this could be really bad. It’s already been tough to watch, so imagining 5 months of this just… sucks man…. it sucks…

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