Why Does It Feel Like A “Make Or Break” Year For The Cubs?

This is it. We’ve waited patiently, and now the season is underway.

Finally, we get to kick back and relax and spend three plus hours every day doing nothing but watching the finest game ever played on God’s green earth.However, this year won’t be nearly as laid back as us Cubs fans are accustomed to.

We’ve become spoiled, you guys. We have never been fans of a team committed to winning, until now, and it’s kind of hard to handle.

Our manager, who won this team a World Series, has yet to have his contract extended. The old Cubs would’ve given the skipper a lifetime deal after 2016, but not this front office. No, they are committed to winning, and winning means making tough decisions.

It means letting fan favorites go in exchange for better players. Would it suck to see someone from this team get dealt for reasons we don’t immediately get? Yes. Sadly, that’s what has to happen.

So while 10-year old me would be thrilled to know he Cubs could get 90 victories this year, the now-me knows that this team is capable of much more.

Expectations are a real bitch. Life was okay when the Cubs sucked. Every victory was a sweet surprise. Now, we demand dominance.

Maybe that’s to be expected when you have baseball’s second highest payroll. Maybe we should be looking for a 100 win season. I just don’t want to be let down.

We have to remember, it is the Cubs. We love them, but they have hurt us a lot more than they’ve brought us joy. Recent success blinds us to this.

So sit back, and get ready for a fun summer of watching grown men play a game. Don’t get frustrated when things aren’t going exactly as we had hoped… just remember “it’s still the Cubs”.

Still… few things are better than singing “Go Cubs Go” after a W.

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